Sakonoko Famitsu Street Fighter x Tekken Interview

Dinosaur Gamers have translated a recent interview on famitsu with Japanese fighting game player Sakonoko about Street Fighter x Tekken. Sako is the official mook writer for famitsu in street fighter x tekken and in the interview he discusses how ibuki (his current main in SSF4AE ) fares in Street Fighter x Tekken and gives his impressions of the tekken cast.




March 8th saw the release of Street Fighter X Tekken. How were you feeling on release day?


Sako: I took the day off in preparation, haha! The game arrived on release date and I was pretty excited when opening it up.



Am I right in guessing that you went straight for the training mode?

Sako: I always start by testing a game out in the training mode. I started by selecting Ibuki as I wanted to check out the differences from Super Street Fighter 4 AE.



Oh, so how was Ibuki?

Sako: She is ultimately based on her SSIVAE version, so while there a lot of variations, I was still able to use her okay. It’s going to be easy for people who have played SSIVAE to jump right in with the character they were using before.


The changes and things that I specifically noted about Ibuki were:


Kunai attacks will now knock down
Light punch now only connects to strong attack
EX Kazekiri can be finished with normals (as in SF III 3rd Strike)
Super arts are now used for defense and to punish jump ins. etc.



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source: Famitsu 

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